My friends say Hunter Cayman’s dangerous. 
They say he's a threat to everyone in town. 
I’m not so sure.
As he stands before me in this crowded club with the lights shining around us, I catch something good under Hunter’s dark facade. Something decent and profound.
I don’t know who or what to believe.
But I will find out the truth.

Classically trained musician Aeris Thorne is fatally injured. So when━like a phoenix rising from the ashes━she awakens to find herself as good as new, she can't help wondering, at what cost?

For fans of Orphan Black, Divergent by Veronica Roth, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, The Host by Stephenie Meyer, and The Atlantis Gene by A.G. Riddle. Girl On Fire is the romantic thriller that will leave you breathless long after the final page. 

"I have tried to read my next book, but can't get into it for thinking about this one!" ★★★★★ M. Burcham━Starred Review

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witty, fresh details and sensitively drawn friendship insights
mile-a-minute, often funny descriptions
By Sue Wyshynski

Tallulah Jones didn't mean to lie about being an expert surfer to Jenna, the most popular girl at her new school. So what if she's only tried surfing once, with disastrous results? How much harm could one little fib do? Well . . . a lot, actually, in the form of a humiliating, near-death experience in the water that might forever ruin Tallulah's chances with Jenna and her cute older brother, Corey.

Now officially labeled a "poser," only a miracle can save Tallulah from outcast hell—one that arrives in the form of Katie, a frizzy-haired, nearsighted, completely unhip surfing phenom who takes Tallulah under her wing and teaches her to surf. But it will take more than learning to surf to change Jenna's mind and win Corey's heart. Tallulah will have to prove that she can be the real deal—both as a surfer and as a friend.