Lama Talks Fiction!

This week I'm so glad to have Lama as a guest on Readers Talk To Sue. Let's dive in and hear what she has to say.

Hi! My name is Lama. I'm 18 and I'm from Saudi Arabia. I believe that true friendship is bullying your friends into reading the book you're reading. If this isn't true friendship, I don't know what is.

SUE: Thinking about the books you’ve read over the years, what character stuck with you the most and why?

LAMA: It has to be Jace from the mortal instruments book series. I'm kind of a hopeless romantic (kind of? I totally am) and in the TMI series Jace kept on surprising me! Jace has always been in love with himself since a young age, often being perceived as arrogant. What I like about him is how he completely changed the moment he met Clary (his lover). It's like he was in a long time sleep and he never really woke up and started living until he met her. Also, the way he takes responsibility for every single thing he has done and basically how he thinks of life simply amazes me.

SUE: Have any fiction books affected your life? If so, how?

LAMA: They might've changed the way I think of the possibility of some situations occurring such as finding your soulmate or your true place in this world and such. I'm well aware of the fact that they're fiction but the ideas seem to be possible and believable and it leaves me thinking, why not?

SUE: Pet peeves?

LAMA:  When one character keeps asking another whether he/she still feels the same about him/her or not. UGH! I don't mind it once or twice but more than that gets on my nerves. Also, my favorite character dying. It breaks my heart and might make me stop reading the book altogether. The good thing is, this doesn't usually happen. Thank god.

SUE: What pulls you in?

LAMA: The characters. Especially the ones I can relate to.

SUE: What makes you keep thinking about a book long after you’ve read the final page?

LAMA: The sayings that have been repeated throughout the book or the ending if it was one of a kind. Also, the descriptions usually stick with me.

SUE: Paper or Kindle?

LAMA: I prefer paper but I don't mind Kindle.

SUE: If you visit Amazon to check out a book, what’s the first thing you do when you land on the book detail page?

LAMA: I look at the rating and the reviews first, but I don't stop there. I make sure to read the description and everything else.

SUE: What are your thoughts on book reviews? How important are they? Do you trust them? Do you ignore them?

LAMA: They are some-what important to me but I don't trust them 100%. A lot of books which I've loved are underrated and the opposite goes for the ones I didn't like.

SUE: Do book covers matter? What are some of your favorites?

LAMA: If I'm reading someone's recommendation, not at all. However, If I'm buying a book myself that no one has recommended, yes.

SUE: How do you find out about books? And what makes you take a chance on a new author or book?

LAMA: I usually ask around for good books. As of new books, I just pick up what looks interesting.

SUE: Thank you so much, Lama, for sharing your thoughts on books! I love your comment about books being fiction, but that things could happen in real life. I couldn't agree more. Why not!

* * * *

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